Sunday, September 25, 2005

Funniest Home Videos

Last night Dailaesse fell asleep early. I called my mother to let her know she had gone to bed and to take her up on her offer to babysit. She came over a few minutes before we had to leave. All was quiet and Mom had settled in for a round of solitaire at the computer. You all know where this is heading don't you? About half way back into town we got the call. Dailaesse was no longer sleeping and she was looking for her mommy. I tried to calm her down but she was screaming so hard that I don't think she could hear me over her own screams. My mother took the phone and screamed even louder for me to hurry. I walked in the door a few minutes later to find my daughter sitting on my mothers lap getting ready to put her socks on. She was already wearing her coat. I assumed my mother was taking her to their house. No. She was going to put her in her car and go find us. I hope my mother would never, ever put my child in a car without her seat. I am going to assume that my mothers level of desperation rose with the pitch of Dailaesse's scream and that she was temporarily driven insane. It took 10 minutes to get Dailaesse to settle down after I got home. Wanna know how I did it??? ICE CREAM. I'm telling's magic.

I took the baby to Kinney's today to get some medicine. I tried Claritin yesterday thinking it would dry her up but it didn't work. So today we went to get some Dimetapp. The pharmacist told me to start with a half teaspoon because it sometimes makes little ones hyper. I asked how I would tell the difference. I was really just joking because she's a good baby. The only time she tends to get wound up is when she's overtired. We also got some more hair clips and ponytail holders. And lip gloss. And body glitter. And nail polish. I went for a $6 bottle of Dimetapp and came out $36 later. I forgot the rule about bringing a sick child to the pharmacy. And I made the rule.

This morning we all went to my parents for breakfast. Every weekend my father invites us for a big breakfast. He does all the cooking. Eggs to order, bacon, sausage, toast, real fried potatoes. And every weekend he loses his temper and tweaks out on us. He can't stand the noise. But it doesn't take much noise to get him annoyed. Usually about half way through breakfast he's wondering if we're almost done. He makes sure to let us know that he'll do the cleanup so we don't have to stay. He might as well come right out and tell us to leave. So I finally asked him why he bothers to invite us every weekend. His response: I love cooking a big meal for all of you...I just wish you'd eat it somewhere else. Now granted he was laughing when he said it. But. Dan thinks we should bring the camcorder next time and send it to AFV. He says we'd win for sure because breakfast with there is like a circus.


adrienne said...

hi kerry

your family sounds hilarious.

today, i think i will vote for lace for
your secret pal...lace socks!!!

Leslie said...

Your father sounds like a trip :) You're lucky to have your parents so near, not everyone is. Is Miss D feeling better yet?

Anyhoo, seein' as I frogged those socks again (!!cuss!!), I am also voting for socks - lace socks!!

Have a happy!

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