Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shit Runs Downhill

Sorry for not posting yesterday but it was one of those days. I met with the woman who wants the hat (I know I said sweater, I misunderstood) recreated yesterday. She's very nice. Her sister made her 2 hats some time ago (more than 20 years ago as her sister passed away 20 years ago) and she lost one. She wants to replace it. It's going to be very easy to duplicate although she doesn't care if I duplicate the pattern or not just as long as it's the same style. I ran to Adirondack Yarns yesterday and grabbed the yarn to make it. I'll probably cast on for it tomorrow. I gave the Amble sock hell for about 2 hours yesterday and I think I just might be able to make it before the deadline.

Then we had dance class yesterday. Still too much fun. I wish there was a way to post a video. Maybe by the time I have one to post I'll have figured out how to do it. The Halloween recital is the 26th of October. I can't wait. I did take a picture of her in her dance clothes finally. Isn't she cute??? She picked out brown for her fingers and purple for her finger toes yesterday. One of the mothers at dance told her she looked like fall.

We left dance at 3 and I ran to get the yarn. Got back into town and went to meet my cousin at school to get the girls. The girls had decided they wanted to go to the park. So I ran home and changed Dailaesse's clothes and went back to take the girls to the park. They all had a blast and I was able to get some done on the sock. Then I ran home, grabbed my wallet and went to the grocery store for hamburger buns and Gatorade. $92.51 and about 45 minutes later I was headed home with a pounding head and a screaming 2 year old. She wanted to hold her yogurt on the way home. I couldn't find it in the bag and didn't feel like unpacking everything. Hence the screaming.

Oh, here's something you'll probably enjoy. One of the things we had to do on Tuesday was to go pick up my plates at DMV. I had custom plates on my last van which was financed and registered to me. When we bought the new van it was financed and registered to Bran so I had to put my plates in storage, send a bunch of crap to DMV including more money and then wait for a new registration so I could pick my plates up and put them back on my van. Anyways, while we were walking back to the van 2 men walked out of the Cigarette Warehouse. The first one had a long ponytail. Dailaesse spotted this right off and said in her not so quiet voice, "Look mama, that man has a nice long ponytail. Him needs a haircut." The man with the ponytail didn't seem to be too amused. However, the man behind the man with the ponytail was rolling. Me? I wanted to slither under the van and die. When I told Brandon that night at dinner what had happened he said, "Well at least she said it was nice."

So, wanna know how it is that I can tell you with 100% accuracy that shit does indeed run downhill? After running again all day yesterday and still not feeling well at all I came home from the store and started dinner. Brandon started the grill. I started the shells and cheese and then sat down to do shipping quotes for car parts Brandon is selling on eBay right now. I was right in the middle of the last one when Dailaesse said she was done. I asked Bran who was doing nothing at the time if he could wipe her quick. He gave me an attitude but did it anyways. I heard him grumbling across the room and then heard him head upstairs to clean her potty. He came back downstairs still grumbling and walked into the kitchen. That's when it happened. The ceiling started to rain crap. Literally. From the ceiling fan. Which was on. The highest speed. So, the shells and cheese went down the garbage disposal. The kids ate the hamburgers that were on the grill. What a mess. Wanna hear the best part? According to Brandon this never would have happened if I hadn't asked him to wipe the baby. What??? I guess when he flushed her potty contents he realized the toilet was clogged and then it wouldn't stop running. Brandon was so worried about the burgers he had just put on the grill that he didn't take the time to be sure that something as catastrophic as the toilet overflowing and running into the kitchen wouldn't happen. So he left it clogged and running. My husband can't multitask. He is, to quote the Yarn Harlot's mother in law, "a one trick pony". I was furious. I've been sick for 4 days and still running myself ragged making sure that everyone and everything is taken care of and he has the nerve to blame this on me? Then to make matters worse he cried to my father. Who told me I expect too much of Brandon. He works hard all day and then always has too many things to do when he gets home from work. Like cook burgers on the grill. I bathed Dailaesse and put her to bed. Finished the laundry that had to be done for Dan today (2 loads) as well as all of the towels (4 loads) used to sop up the mess. I flopped into bed a little after 2 am with a killer sinus headache and cried myself to sleep.

I'm hoping for a much better day today. But, after having cleaned up yogurt off the floor a few minutes ago I'm not holding out much hope. :-)

How's everyone's weather today? It's raining like crazy here and it's very, very windy. There's a severe thunderstorm warning out for Essex county which half of our town lies in. I'm hoping it's going to clear up by this afternoon or we're going to be cold and wet at football.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Don't forget to get those votes in! Today's the last day. I'll announce the big winner tomorrow!


Lisa D. said...

Oh my goodness girl, YOU NEED A VACATION! Hang in there, it can only get better right? Not much could be worse than toilet stuff all over the house. Just for fun, I'm changing my vote to lace today. Maybe a scarf made from something scrumptious like alpaca.

Gina said...

Socks are awesome.. thats one of my new addictions! I hope you got my comment who knows how long ago......

Anonymous said...

socks Marion Naylor

Anonymous said...

opps i meant my vote is for socks

Carol said...

i have been knitting socks for a while and love them, but i love lace also. so how about lacy socks. i have done some and love them

Carol in NC

Jeanne said...

I love knitting socks - any kind - any pattern -


Anonymous said...

Socks, of course. Is there anything else? You can tell the addiction has taken over.


Edna said...

don't let him get away with trying to get out of helping with the kids even if it is a disaster when he does.
my vote is for socks!

Donna S. said...

Hope you feel better very soon...days like that stink (pun intended)! LOL. I guess I would have to go with socks, too.Could even put some pedicure stuff in the basket to do before putting the socks on!! Ya know, lotion, polish..etc.

Wannietta said...

Not being a spinner myself, lace not being everyones cuppa and gift certificates bing kind of impersonal I will go with socks. Most every knitter can/loves knitting them.

Amanda said...

What a crappy day ;)

My vote would be for socks as well

Leslie said...

Yucky day, Kerry, sorry 'bout that! Having been married for more than half my life I'll tell you a secret - they ALWAYS think we expect too much (unless you're married to a saint like I have). Miss D is a cutie btw.

Vote for today - I don't care it's the 30th - you haven't blogged yet today......... Socks - lacy socks - in autumnal color(s) -

Hope you feel better ((u))

Cindy said...

Man, I hope the yogurt on the floor is not as bad a sign as you think! Perhaps the day will go more smoothly so you can start to feel better....good luck with your exchange SOCKS! In nice fall colors, or spring if you need something to look forward to.....

emzeetaco said...


I've had some bad days as a mom but you win the prize. And your dad not sticking up for you? Puhleez. Tell Brandon it's not very manly to go cryin'.

Anyway, I like the idea of socks. I'm a pretty new knitter and need to try my hand at socks. I've made a lacy scarf so how hard could socks be? Hmmmmmm.

So today, I vote for socks.

Hang in there, being a grams is way better.

Anonymous said...

OK, Thanks. I vote for socks.
God Bless
Always Jan
I really like your blog.

Mz Mar said...

and I thought I had a bad day!!
Guess in comparsion mine was great!!
Hope things get better and yu feel up to par quick!!
Goes without saying~~~socks are where it's at!!!!

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