Monday, September 26, 2005

The Winner Takes It All

By 7 o'clock tonight I will have my ass firmly planted on a seat at Adirondack Yarns. Don't forget, the one and only Yarn Harlot will be there. I CAN'T WAIT I have been looking forward to this for about a month now. I'll brag...I mean tell you all about it tomorrow.

How about an update on the names I've drawn so far?

9/22 - Leslie
9/23 - Mar
9/24 - Cindy Lee Lee
9/25 - Leslie

So far the favorite is socks. And everyone loves the idea of a fall theme. I also really like the idea of having a box with a present for each day of the week. I just might have to use that no matter what.

Keep those posts and votes coming in!


drlaura said...

Hi Kerry,
sorry to hear you're not feeling well. am enjoying your blog, i guess b/c i feel i "know" you a wee bit.
i think a gift certificate would be good - twice the fun... the gift of certificate AND then getting to use it.
i'm not wholly into blogs yet. started one and stopped, so for now am writing kind of an email diary to myself, and then when my new website is done, i will blog there.
i only read a couple - yours and that of Janet S, bigskyknittingnews which is about cables.

drlaura said...

Hi Kerry,
i posted but it appears i did it on the wrong date.
wanted you to know i did do those "afterthought thrum" socks... for my dh's poor flat feet.
just knit the socks and then turn them inside out. do you notice how the heel has "more heel on the back than on the bottom? i put about 3 in of nice puffy padding right there at the heel. use a crochet hook on the inside and go loopy loop with the unspun. it will squish down when worn and add a layer of nice padding.

news here? frost on the punkins. seriously. the frost did a number to the strawberry plants, and all the squash leaves. i am going to wheel the barrow "lol... wheelbarrow" over there and load it up and start giving away madly again. we have 5 squash plants for a 2 person family, and oh, i don't like it. my dh does, but this is excessive!
so the mail person gets it, and i give it away, and i even filled two bags and "accidentally" left them in an empty shopping cart outside food pavilion. lol. someone was happy!
time to go vacuum and i need to run a few errands. that's the bad thing about gas prices, have to do too much to justify the drive! i need to refill my scripts too, but am debating on which one as i can't get them all at once on a retired budget!
ps i have a note from today earlier below...

Mz Mar said...

Lucky you~~getting to go and meet Yarn Harlot!! You must tell all!!!
Yeah, my name was drawn???? kewl!!!

Edna said...

I think it is too cool you are getting to see the Yarn Harlot in person. I have her first book and covet her second. :-) I vote for the sock theme.
Edna in KY

adrienne said...

gads, i can't believe that i had a 50/50 chance yesterday & lost! well, i'll try again. i don't seem to have much luck with drawings.

have fun seeing the harlot. she is soo funny!!! & i still vote for socks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming tonight Kerry, It was lovely meeting you and I had a wonderful night!
(I'm glad you got a night out. I know just how you feel)

Anonymous said...

whoops. I can't believe I did that. That last anonymous one was me. Little fast with the clicking.

(Yarn harlot)

Jan said...

Hi Kerry,
Hope that you are doing well. Is the contest still going?
Always Jan

Jan said...

Hi again,
I noticed that it says that it is 6:58 AM, it is really 5:59 am here in Wi.
Thanks again
ALways Jan

herself75 said...

My vote is for socks!

Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leslie said...

Oh my gawwd, Kerry - the Harlot commented in your blog! And I was going to be right below her; but now I see Jan got there first :(. LOL I really can't wait to read your (bragging) commentary about meeting her. Jealous am I!

Anyhow, I'm glad to see that I won on 2 days - but there's still the enchilada to win! So, today, just for a change, I am going to vote for lacy socks

Yeah - I had to delete the first post when I saw the misspelling - anal is I (giggle)

Lisa D. said...

How exciting to meet Stephanie! I hope she comes to Grand Rapids someday. I'm still voting for warm and toasty socks!

Ericha said...

I'm envious! I wish I had the chance to meet the Yarn Harlot. As for your secret pal, I vote for socks. I think some fall colored sock yarn and perhaps a fallish type pattern would be great. You could also include things like a pumpkin spiced candle or special cookies to keep with the theme.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a warm lacey hat. I'm into hats right now

senoraloca said...

I like the stuff you said and I vate for socks also, love socks

Gina said...

Also you could get her some yarn to dye and some dyes or koolaid.. and a pattern for socks or a felted bag! Thats the sort of gifts that are awesome!

Shanidy said...

Socks. My favorite and seemingly one of hers!!!

JeanTownsend said...

i love socks!! anything socks, but if something shawl falls in the mix? well? too bad i haven't designed a sock shawl... yet. i can only put one web page address below, one out of a dozen...

Anonymous said...

Shoot im still not sure where to vote but i vote socks Marion

Anonymous said...

socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marion

Anonymous said...

Socks are always a winner around here. Barb

mf said...

I vote socks of

margaret said...

I like socks of course, but some really good chocolate, and something uniquely you.
I send two of my friends a Christmas box with up to 10 wrapped presents. All sorts of strange things, like a minature tea set, had to find knitting needles, small books on knitting, some homemade cookies and whatever else strikes my fancy.
The presents are numbered and they have to open them in sequence. They love it and it is so much fun to put together.

Elizabeth Zang said...

Hello. I hope you are feeling better soon! My second vote is for: fall colored socks or yarn and a pattern, spicy pumpkin seeds, powdered apple cider mix, an audio book with a fall theme, and set of fall-themed stitch markers.

Jillian Marsh said...

Thanks you for your wit! I'm getting such a kick out of reading your very creative posts!! Have you thought about writing for $$ ? Anyhow, if I had a vote, I'd vote for sox too in fall leaf colors.. oranges, reds, a little green and maybe some earthy brown!! I'm glad I found your blog! I'm off to spin (yarn not exercise.. blech on exercise!) Jillian

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